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Wine Club - Two Funk Nation

1funk; adjective; \fəNGk\ – A 1. an amazing, savory, umami, smell that you get with a Two Vintner's red, especially the Syrah,  2. A popular style of dance music, see James Brown

Two Funk Nation is the core of Two Vintners. These are our most passionate supporters. The people who've tried our wines and said, "This is something I want to be a part of." Two Funk Nation empowers us to make better wine. Their feedback and support help us push the boundaries of Washington wine. Without the support of our members we would not be where we are today. Two Funk Nation is the extension of the Two Vintner family.

If you have tried our wine or just want to venture off the beaten path in Washington Wine, we encourage you to join the Two Funk Nation. Two Funk Nation is our first priority. They get first shot at our wines, inside looks into the Two Vintners operation and exclusive insight into new wines and special events.


Every 2 months (February, May, August, November)

DISCOUNT: 10% on purchases, 20% on cases

Being part of the Two Funk Nation means you're getting:

16 bottles of Two Vintners wine a year (4 releases of 4 bottles)
An invitation to Two Funk Nation only parties
Access to club only wines
Complimentary tastings for you and 3 of your friends when you visit us 
A 10% discount on all wine purchased
A stellar 20% discount on cases
Complimentary admittance to all our release parties (2 tickets)